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June 14 2012


Green tea

Green Tea (camellia sinensis) Health Benefits Green tea is comprised from the plant species Camellia sinensis, which is found in China and Southeast Asia, and is now produced around the globe. It has been used commonly for hundreds of years and has many recorded advantages to health. Among a selection chemicals it can possess Vitamin C, and minerals such as selenium or zinc. Green tea may decrease blood pressure, and thus can perform an indispensable part in the fighting of cardiovascular disease. Research and clinical trials show that it can decrease cholesterol by altering the way it is absorbed in the gut. It may also alter positively glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Normal intake of green tea may also acceptably reduce the risk of breast cancer. Also, it has been shown that epigallocatechine gallate (EGCG) included within green tea can help the immune system by boosting the number of T-cells in the body. Safety Toxic effects may be achieved with the use of green tea extract, as there have been observed reports of liver damage. It is advocated that you stick to the dosing information of any extract that you do use, and to not dose on an empty stomach. Drug Interactions A study suggested that EGCG in green tea may make the anticancer drug bortezomib ineffective.
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June 13 2012


Magnesium for anxiety

Magnesium Health Benefits Magnesium is an essential mineral nutrient and is present in each cellular type. More than 300 enzymes require the use of magnesium ions for their catalytic processes, and it is involved in many biological functions, not discounting regulatory behaviour associated with DNA synthesis. As it is important for Adenosine-triphosphate (ATP) to operate, it is thus essential to celluar function, playing an indispensable role in providing the cells of the body with their most important source of energy. It is very normal for us not to acquire sufficient levels of magnesium in our daily diet. Inadequate supply is commonly associated with muscle spasms, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, migraines, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. Indeed, it is regularly a advocated supplement for addressing Treatment Resistant Depression, after it being pointed out that people who attempt suicide with TRD normally have deficient levels of magnesium in their cerebral spinal fluid. Recommended Daily Dosage 300-400mg a day The most normal sign of an great intake of magnesium is diarrhoea, and thus it is prescribed to drastically lower your dose until this works.
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Coconut oil

Coconut Oil Health Benefits Coconut oil has been suggested to exhibit a range of health boons. These vary from helping in weight-loss, fighting heart disease, and the recorded anti-fungal and anti-microbial activity. And it feeds the brain with a highly worthwhile energy source. Coconut oil has found championed use as a beauty product in recent years. When used on the skin and hair, coconut oil has a moisturizing effect, and may also have a function in reducing hair loss through the application of lauric acid, a microbial agent found in coconut oil. The fatty acids held in coconut oil may also help to fight dandruff. Coconut oil is commonly spotted in cosmetic products more and more due to these described boons. Few wide studies have been run into the benefits of coconut oil, with the huge majority of studies being small-scale and uncontrolled. Despite this, research has highlighted several areas where coconut oil may be helpful, although this research is still inadequate. For example, it has been demonstrated that coconut oil can be applied as a spray for the combating of head lice in children. Preliminary studies have pointed out that it can be as convincing as chemical solutions containing insecticides, but no large studies have been performed. Perhaps ironically, some people use coconut oil as a method for weight loss in defiance of its high calorific content. Studies have yet to be performed on a huge scale, but developing research has pointed out that 10 ml coconut oil three times a day may perhaps reduce waist size after 1-6 weeks of use. There is also recorded assistance in dosing coconut oil as a medication for Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and thyroid syndrome. No great research has been conducted in these subjects, but some research are developing. There are a number of reservations that coconut oil may increase levels of cholesterol in the body, however studies so far alleges that coconut oil may raise the levels of "good" cholesterol in the body whilst having no impact upon the levels of "bad" cholesterol. Recommended Daily Dosage No academic treatment dosage for now prevails, and dosing routines of vitamin companies and scientists often vary greatly. 4g of coconut oil appears to be a acceptable starting point, but caution says that if one is to further boost the dose it should be done cautiously as experience allows.
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June 12 2012


Getting fit the easy way

Based on the large number of over-tired parents of littlel children out there, it is usually assumed that these children are constantly on the move. However, research has found that children are sedentary 73 to 84 per cent of the time that they are awake. Additionally, even though we know that "screen time" can have many detrimental effects on child development both physically and socially, most children are now exposed to "screen time" too early in life and for far too long. The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and ParticipACTION released Canada's first ever physical activity guidelines for the early years. Basically, the guidelines state that all children aged four and under should be moving more and sitting less throughout the day. The following guidelines are based on research of sedentary behaviours of children and are supported by the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (CHEO-HALO). It's time for all babies to learn how to workout maybe they need an online personal trainer

June 10 2012



Mechanism of Picamilon Picamilon is a molecular combination of vitamin B3 and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Supplemental GABA has little to no active bioavailability where as picamilon's unique composition allows it to readily cross the blood brain barrier and affect a number of changes. Inside the brain Picamilon increases intra-cranial and cortical blood flow and acts as potent vasodilator many times more powerful than Hydergine or Vinpocetine. Due to its GABA affiliation picamilon also acts as a mild sedative, calming the nerves and reducing symptoms of anxiety and irritability. Uses Picamilon's vasodilative properties improve cerebral blood-flow and thus cerebral metabolism and oxygenation May benefit mild depression Lowers LDL levels At higher doses may function as a mild stimulant May be of particular use to those suffering social anxiety disorder May exhibit stimulant type effects at higher doses Issues At higher doses Vitamin b3 (2g+) has been indicated in liver damage and may cause flushing and skin irritations. Whilst unsubstantiated - cessation of picamilon after a long-term/high dose regime may increase the risk of seizures and exhibit many of the severe withdrawal symptoms associated with benzodiazepines. Dosage There is little official medical stricture regarding picamilon's ideal dose regime, however, at smaller doses, picamilon displays an exclusive non-drowsy sedative effect, whilst at higher doses, (some 100mg three times daily) picamilon develops a stimulant type affinity and user's should tailor their dose according to their specific goals.
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June 04 2012



I've contributed support for multiple concurrent devices. Now when you plug in more than one phone, each device will appear up in a combo box. You can choose the device and the currently selected device's ECID will populate in the ECID field and the real default firmware will be opted appropriate to the device. I've also made some significant modifications to the underlying framework under the bonnet. In doing so I've added a few new features. First, the links that show up in the console are now selectable. This means when you pastebin your log file you can click on the link and it'll open in your default browser. Also when you save your shsh file you will see a 'Click here to Open' link that, when selected, will open Finder (OSX) or Explorer (WIN) to the SHSH file saved. No more whining about where the files are saved. (Not that any of you have any reason to tinker with the files outside of backing up the entire directory right?) :) Also, the list of files that show up in the console when you 'Display SHSH' are also clickable and will reveal themselves in Finder/Explorer as well. I've made some performance tweaks as well so the app should be much faster. Lastly, I have added some much needed feedback to the console when saving SHSHs. The messages are quite verbose and explain much more plainly the situation if you are unable to get SHSHs because your device is 'not eligible'. I'm working on some more features for future jailbreak releases. Thanks for your comments!
Tags: Jailbreak

May 27 2012



Mechanism L-Tyrosine is an amino acid precursor metabolized by the enzyme Tyrosine Hydroxylase into Levodopa and subsequently Dopamine and norepinephrine (both possible nootropic chemicals). Dopamine and norepinephrine antagonists, reuptake inhibitors and precursors have been shown to enhance concentration, motivation, and most importantly working memory and executive function via chemical signalers in the prefrontal cortex; the full myriad of dopamine and norepinephrine functionality still remains uncertain. Uses So, what are the benefits of L-Tyrosine exactly? Increased libido through elevated plasma neurotransmitter levels Decreased stress levels through regulation of cortisol production Increased drive and focus Improved working memory and executive function May improve symptoms of depression Issues tho this amino acid seems at first to be a economical nootropic and a typical way of increasing plasma neurotransmitter levels - there a number of complexities in its consumption. L-tyrosine in its unadulterated form lacks significant bioavailability - with a large % of it being lost in the digestive system. L-tyrosine also competes poorly in intestinal absorption against other amino acids. Elevated brain-dopamine levels compete for absorption with serotonin and may trigger mild symptoms of depression. A significant portion of L-tyrosine is deanimated in first-pass hepatic metabolism through the MAO-A/B enzymes. Dosage The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends 500mg-1500mg of L-tyrosine up to three times daily for the relief of hardship and anxiety (and potentially as a nootropic). I would recommend ingestion on an empty stomach, with a carbohydrate drink coupled with vitamin C and a B vitamin complex for maximum absorption. For the expert consumer, the purchase of Acetyl-l-tyrosine is preferred due to its greater stability, bioavability and lower doses (250mg per dose) My experience My l-tyrosine experiences were mostly negative, but this is not to say they will be for you. I believe I am deficient in serotonin and hence increased levels of dopamine lead to anxiety. L-tyrosine at 500mg three times daily increased my motivation levels, but also exposed me to significantly increased anxiety, and rebound depression some 3-4 hours after an initial dosing. All in all I would not recommend this amino-acid to those with a similar neurological disposition to my own.Still... this nootropic agent may be more suitable for you. So go ahead and add it to your nootropics stack and leave feedback!
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Mechanism Vinpocetine is a semi synthetic alkaloid derived from vincamine an extract of the periwinkle plant. In double-blind placebo studies Vinpocetine has been shown to augment cerebral blood-pumo, and act as a potent neuroprotective agent. Due to its significant cerebral vasodilative properties, Vinpocetine may augment brain functions such as focus and memory by activating cerebral metabolism. In Asia it has been used in various forms to medicatet cerebrovascular disorders and age-related memory impairment and has recently been indicated in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Uses Significant memory enhancement Potential body-wide vasodilator (handy for you body builders looking for increased blood-flow) Improves focus and mental clarity Clinically proven neuroprotective qualities. Anti-inflammatory Vinpocetine is biologically active in tiny quantities, with the beginning recommended dose being a tiny 5mg daily; once hypersensitivity is ruled out, one may up the quantity to between 10-40mg daily. I have noticed a number of side-effects with this chemical and so I particularly feel it important to establish them, as follows: Indigestion, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, facial flushing, insomnia, headache, drowsiness and xerostomia (dry mouth) Vinpocetine may also lead to a temporary drop in blood pressure. Out of the above I have personally experienced xerostomia(dry mouth) facial flushing and brief periods of anxiety. So, with its high side-effect profile, is this really a nootropic worth ingesting? In my personal opinion, hell yeah! The mental clarity I experience is second to none. If your brain could take the most cleansing, cleansing shower it had ever experienced, then, the water would be vinpocetine without a doubt; I also appreciate higher degrees of visual clarity and wakefulness - sadly I've forgotten if it improved my memory ;) Can this significantly potent and useful chemical be purchased easily and cheaply? It is available over the counter in numerous vitamin shops around the world and of course from a lot of online retailers (check out Swanson for great details) A month's supply, at 30mg daily will cost you roughly $8 or $2 a week or 0.285 cents a day... or... you get the message :) All in all, a must buy for anyone looking for improved mental performance and general neuroprotection as they age.
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May 22 2012


Nootropic and the future

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